La sChaise meets all the current criteria of ergonomics experts.

Beyond, la sChaise, designed by smarin, has a seat that allows rebound.
it is the first chair that offers the possibility of avoiding a sedentary lifestyle in office work and of developing dynamism.

La sChaise is an object that provokes the invention of new postures.

La sChaise is a radical alternative to traditional seats, challenging the idea of seating, introducing bouncing effects.
Composed with a painted steal frame and elastic straps, the sChaise is a strong and simple aesthetic design and thought out as a therapeutic mechanical tool and a solution to fight against being static whilst seated.

La sChaise :
- gives a healthy posture
- increases tonicity
- stimulates a better blood circulation.

La sChaise perfectly reflects smarin’s transversal creative approach.
All the materials, simple and sustainable, are sourced and manufactured in France, using a flat packing policy, both reducing the cost of transport and environmental impacts.

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